David Bowie: fill in the blanks: 31 questions

Fill in the numbered gaps in the following passage using the titles of David Bowie songs.

I was on my way to the party, but the train was just crawling from (1). I had moved to Holland to start (2), and my boss had invited me to a party at his big townhouse in the centre of the capital. A young boy asked his parents; (3). We’ll soon be arriving in (4), his dad replied. Eventually I got off the train, but I was a little lost and ended up walking (5), past a lovely Japanese-inspired (6) before finding the venue. The door was opened by a butler who had bright blond hair and was the spitting image of (7). A harassed looking waiter presented me with a glass of champagne (8) from his boss, but I dropped it and the sound of (9) reverberated around the room. He also offered me a chocolate from a box of Celebrations, but I declined as I prefer (10).

My friend John saw me and came over;
“Hi! Let me introduce you to Sam and Tyler, over from Texas.”
“Oh, no thanks, (11)”
“Well, it’s (12) given that terrible experience you had with that riot in Michigan (13) ago in 2011”
“Yes, there was a mass (14) that day”.
“But Sam and Tyler are only (15), surely they can’t be that scary?”
“I don’t care if they’re newborns, I don’t want to meet them!”

After my little outburst, I made my excuses and left, stopping only to admire a pair of glittering and presumably fake (16) that decorated the mantelpiece, an animal version of “For the Love of God” by Damien Hirst. I certainly had a strong (17) that anyone would pay for genuine gems on such hideous pieces.

I wandered over to the dancefloor.

“You should (18), he’s the most amazing dancer”, said (19) standing next to me. She had been in the news a lot lately since her husband Alvin’s ennoblement, and I was surprised to see her here, as she was at the height of her (20) back in the UK.
“(21), I said impulsively”
“Sure, but this is a jive. Can you dance jive, because I certainly can’t”
“Never done it before in my life. It’s fine, we’re both (22), so we won’t know we’re doing it wrong!” I said, ushering her onto the dancefloor.

My friend from earlier asked me what I was doing;
“(23)”, I shouted back.

After we finished dancing, my new companion took me away to the menagerie. My boss is a trifle eccentric, and he likes to keep wild animals in his house. We saw Terry the tiger, (24), the largest of the female dogs, generally known as the (25), and other (26), before we came across a group of people talking openly about how cruel it was. I recognised them as the (27), who look after the welfare of young swans in the area, but they didn’t seem to know me.

“Do you like the artwork here?” asked my companion?
“It’s too (28)” I replied, not sure why I had added the term of endearment.
“Not at all, most of it is very old (29)ed!”

Embarrassed by our disagreement, I decided to leave the party after one last look around. My boss’s house certainly was impressive, especially for a man who started out flogging newspapers. Not even popular ones, either, just the English language edition of Le Monde To buy this amazing place when he used to just be (30) was really something.
I had one last glass of champagne, hoping it wouldn’t give me too much of a hangover (31), and left.


Answers below (scroll down)











  1. Station to Station
  2. A New Career in A New Town
  3. Where are we now?
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Around and around
  6. Moss Garden
  7. Andy Warhol
  8. Under Pressure
  9. Breaking Glass
  10. Heroes
  11. I’m afraid of Americans
  12. Little wonder
  13. Five Years
  14. Panic in Detroit.
  15. Young Americans
  16. Diamond Dogs
  17. Sense of Doubt
  18. Watch that Man
  19. Lady Stardust
  20. Fame
  21. Let’s Dance
  22. Absolute Beginners
  23. John, I’m only dancing
  24. Joe the Lion
  25. Queen Bitch
  26. Scary Monsters
  27. Cygnet Committee
  28. Modern Love
  29. Fashion
  30. The Man Who Sold The World
  31. The Next Day

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