Cricketers: fill in the blanks: 36 questions

Fill in the blanks below with the names of test cricketers (mostly current, but some from previous eras). All 12 current test playing nations are represented.

I stayed in my bed until I could (1) it no longer. I felt woozy since taking a blow to the (2) in the previous day’s game of cricket. Someone had thrown a (3) in my direction, and though I had tried to (4) I wasn’t fast enough, and it hit me. I looked at the weather outside, and thought “(5) rain?” as it had been lashing down every day for a week. It was also blowing a (6). I wished it was (7) instead. I wasn’t looking forward to taking my dog, an (8) hound, out for a walk that morning. I went to lock and (9) the door so it didn’t rattle about in the wind. Unfortunately I was still (10) naked, so I gave a passing old lady a shock when I opened the door.

I was on autopilot during my morning regime, and just let my (11) my hair without even thinking. I even knocked over an old (12) full of flowers when I went into the living room, and my wife had to (13) me to stop being so careless. I put on some classical music, but was so distracted I couldn’t even tell whether it was a (14) waltz or a (15) opera. The weather was so bad I wanted to go out in my old Corsa, but it wouldn’t start. My wife advised “You should let the engine of the (16) over”, but it was to no avail. There was a problem with the key as well, which had been (17) to the lock so hard I couldn’t get it out.

Rather than drive, I just cleaned the car with a (18) leather, and then walked to the fishmonger, to buy (19) and two (20). I wonder if the latter was any relation to the American artist?

On the way back, I popped into my club, though I felt it had been going downhill lately. They even let (21) in, though I always thought they should (22) as a result of the rumours that he liked to (23) with the married women at the club. I saw him now, and he was drunk. “Give him a black coffee and wait until he (24) up”, I instructed. He had been gambling, too, which he shouldn’t have been doing as he was on a long losing (25). Someone came up to me and asked me a question, evidently mistaking me for a member of staff. “(26) this enquiry please”, I asked the chap who usually carried the bags.

“Don’t (27) me, I’m sick”, said the bag carrier with his trademark lisp. This seemed quite rude as I was only asking him to do his job, so I gave him a stern look and a warning not to (28). I then told the questioner to ask the (29) instead. His name was (30), and he was an absolute star. In fact, (31) gone to a different job, it would have been impossible to replace him. He really knew his (32). As a party trick, he could even remove the (33) from a bottle of champagne using only his feet, which always led to cries of “(34)” from onlookers. I asked him for my usual, a cup of (35) House coffee, and asked him about recent goings-on at the club, but it seemed nothing interesting had happened for (36), so I went home.

Answers below (scroll down)













  1. Lyon (Nathan, Australia)
  2. Head (Travis, Australia)
  3. Ball (Jake, England)
  4. Duckett (Ben, England)
  5. Whatmore (Dav, Australia)
  6. Gayle (Chris, West Indies)
  7. Sunny (Elias, Bangladesh)
  8. Afghan (Ashgar, Afghanistan)
  9. Boult (Trent, New Zealand)
  10. Starc (Mitchell, Australia)
  11. Handscomb (Peter, Australia)
  12. Vaas (Chaminda, Sri Lanka)
  13. Warne (Shane, Australia)
  14. Strauss (Andrew, England)
  15. Wagner (Neil, Australia)
  16. Karthik (Dinesh, India)
  17. Ramdin (Denesh, West Indies)
  18. Shami (Mohammad, India)
  19. Abbas (Mohammad, Pakistan)
  20. Pollock (Shaun, South Africa)
  21. Croft (Colin, West Indies)
  22. Bancroft (Cameron, Australia)
  23. Philander (Vernon, South Africa)
  24. Sobers (Garry, West Indies)
  25. Streak (Heath, Zimbabwe)
  26. Porterfield (William, Ireland)
  27. Herath (Rangana, Sri Lanka)
  28. Malinga (Lasith, Sri Lanka)
  29. Buttler (Jos, England)
  30. Lee (Brett, Australia)
  31. Hadlee (Richard, New Zealand)
  32. Onions (Graham, England)
  33. Cork (Dominic, England)
  34. Bravo (Dwayne, West Indies)
  35. Maxwell (Glenn, Australia
  36. Weekes (Everton, West Indies)

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