Inventions and inventors: 10 questions

Match the inventor to the inventions below

  1. Hovercraft                                               A. Benjamin Franklin
  2. Barometer                                               B. Frank Whittle
  3. Machine gun                                           C. Samuel Morse
  4. Lift/Elevator                                             D. Harry Brearley
  5. Jet engine                                                E. Christopher Cockerill
  6. Stainless steel                                         F. Humphrey Davy
  7. Bifocal glasses                                        G. Evangelista Torricelli
  8. Safety or miners’ lamp                           H. Alessandro Volta
  9. Electric telegraph                                    I.  Richard Gatling
  10. Electrochemical battery                         J. Elisha Otis

Answers below (scroll down)












  1. Hovercraft – Christopher Cockerill
  2. Barometer – Evangelista Torricelli
  3. Machine gun – Richard Gatling
  4. Lift/Elevator – Elisha Otis
  5. Jet engine – Frank Whittle
  6. Stainless steel – Harry Brearley
  7. Bifocal glasses – Benjamin Franklin
  8. Safety or miners’ lamp – Humphrey Davy
  9. Electric telegraph – Samuel Morse
  10. Electrochemical battery – Alessandro Volta

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