Snooker players: Fill in the blanks (28 questions)

Fill in the blanks in the story below using the surnames of professional snooker players, past and present. There is some pretty poor wordplay in a few cases.

I had just moved to the capital, and had arranged to see my aunt Joy later that day. I moved from (1) because I didn’t like it at all; in fact, it was probably my least favourite place in all of East Yorkshire.  London was so pricey though, and I had trouble making ends meet. My job is unusual, I (2)s to apiarists, but low paid, and I couldn’t even afford to live out past Mile End. You know rents are high (3) is too expensive. In the end I had to go south of the river and ended up living in (4).

How I dreamed of a life somewhere more sunny and glamorous, like San (5), or somewhere home to a great sporting event like Le (6) in France. Still, as an (7) fan (I’m originally from Liverpool) at least I can see them play occasionally when they came to the Valley.

I was looking forward to seeing my relatives, but more than that I wanted to see their (8) Charles spaniel. He was unbearably cute, so much so that often people let out involuntary noises when they saw it. (9) there was whenever he went into a crowded place like a pub or shop.

He wasn’t perfect though. This time as we were relaxing after dinner he was frightened by a loud bang from the kitchen, (10) the sofa, urinated on the floor and then tried to (11)’s leg. She asked her son Robert to clean up. He wasn’t keen, but she gave him a stern look and said “(12) what you’re told”, and he reluctantly complied. He was never very obedient and had always been something of a (13) in his mother’s side. He asked if I could help him. I was a bit taken aback, and didn’t want to get involved, so I said “(14) no, I was just leaving I’m afraid”.

As we went out, my wife Lynn remembered that Robert had worked for a British government department that no longer existed, but she couldn’t remember the name. “(15)”, I reminded her. He was a bit of a rising star in the early days as their spokesman, and back then I was often surprised by Lynn’s shouts of “(16) the TV again” while we were watching the evening news.

Unfortunately he had been sacked for his kleptomania; he (17) things whenever he has the chance and so often finds himself in the police station or in front of a (18). He (19) so easily under questioning the police never have much of a job getting a conviction.

We got into my old Corsa, but I had forgotten to fill it up and it wouldn’t start. Lynn was angry, saying “Any idiot knows (20)ds petrol!”, so we walked home in a bit of a bad mood – it was a long way, over hill and down (21).

When we got home, Lynn went to bed but I was hungry. I had a frozen ready meal to hand, but I was having trouble deciphering the instructions; “(22) and eat” was all it said, though why it gave instructions to (23) rather than just heat it up I wasn’t sure. I ate it off a reproduction Chinese plate I had bought in Beijing, At first I thought it was genuine when I saw it in the shop, and though my interest had (24) realizing it was a fake, I liked the design so I bought it at a heavily discounted (25).

The next morning I tried to rouse my wife with a gentle “(26)”, but she was sound asleep. I hoped she wasn’t still angry, as we had tickets for the popular musical (27) that night and I didn’t want to spoil the occasion. Unfortunately, I had a bad feeling it was going to be another long {28).

Answers below (scroll down)














  1. Hull
  2. Selby (Sell bees)
  3. Wenbo (When Bow)
  4. Charlton
  5. Francisco
  6. Mans
  7. Everton
  8. King
  9. Wattana (What an “ah”)
  10. Reardon (Reared on)
  11. Mountjoy (mount Joy)
  12. Robidoux (Robbie, do)
  13. Thorne
  14. Meo (Me, oh)
  15. Maflin (MAFF, Lynn)
  16. Robertson (Robert’s on)
  17. Pinches
  18. Judge
  19. Foulds
  20. Akani (A car nee)ds
  21. Dale
  22. Thorburn (Thaw, burn)
  23. Burnett (burn it)
  24. Ebdon (ebbed on)
  25. Price
  26. Wakelin (wake Lynn)
  27. Hamilton
  28. Day

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