Fill in the blank (scientists): 21 questions

Fill in the blanks with the surnames of scientists, astronomers, mathematicians etc.

I was in a shop looking at a bicycle I was thinking of buying. I had taken up cycling after giving up gymnastics. I was very good on the rings, but useless on the pommel horse and a very poor (1).

I asked if it had a (2) but the assistant replied “Sorry, it’s got (3). Are you buying it for yourself?”.
“Yes, it’s (4)”.
“In that case, why don’t you have a trial run. Go away and try it (5), and if you don’t like it you can bring it back tomorrow. You’ll need to (6) regularly. First, though, let me tell you an interesting thing about bikes. (7) most people don’t know is…”
I quickly made and excuse and left, as the proprietor was a famous (8) and I didn’t want to be stuck with him. I later bought the bike but it soon broke down. It was a swindle, and they had got me (9), line and sinker. I complained to get my money back but it didn’t work, so now I’m going through the courts. After all, there’s more than one way to (10) cat.

I went home, popping into the church as I wanted to see my friend who was the (11) there. When I went in, there was a different (12)ding the service, so I left. I went home to (13) the kettle for a cup of (14) House coffee, my favourite brand.

I noticed there was a (15) the kitchen table, so I picked up the amphibian and returned it to the pond. Also on the table were some new doilies my husband Archibald had made; I (16), so I was very (17)ous to see how he had made them.

Later I went with Archibald to a hotel for a soiree. I drove. Archibald still doesn’t speak English so well, so when we arrived he gestured at the valet and asked “(18)?”
“Yes”. I replied. “It’s the usual chap, Leonard. You know, the flamboyant one. People often call him (19)”. Leonard was busy with a large goods vehicle, but he asked his colleague to help, saying “Get this (20)”, which freed him up to take care of our car.

We went inside and started chatting to people. My husband told the most absurd lies to one chap, it’s sort of a game of his. He asked me if I should stop, but I quite enjoy it so I encouraged him, saying “(21)”. Unfortunately his lying got us thrown out of the place, so we went home and slept.

Answers below (scroll down)

















  1. Volta
  2. Bell
  3. Nobel
  4. Fermi
  5. Faraday
  6. Euler
  7. Watt
  8. Bohr
  9. Hooke
  10. Skinner
  11. Pasteur
  12. Priestley
  13. Boyle
  14. Maxwell
  15. Newton
  16. Lovelace
  17. Curie
  18. Hipparchus
  19. Galen
  20. Van Allen
  21. Fibonacci

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