New book: The Little London Quiz Book

I’ve written a new book: The Little London Quiz Book. It’s available here

There are thirty rounds about a different aspect of life in London, covering history, sport, geography, places of interest, art and much more. There’s also a related fact or story for each round. Do you know which world leader once fixed the lifts at the BBC? What made John Nevin the worst museum attendant in the V&A’s history? And what scurrilous things took place at the Greenwich fair which led to it being closed for “debauchery” in 1857? Find out these important nuggets, and much more, in the book.

A couple of the rounds from the book are on this site: the London in Literature round is here , and the Monopoly Board round is here.

If you like these, do take a look at the book. If nothing else, it makes a good companion to keep by the loo.


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