London in literature

1. Which building, now the administrative centre of University College London but then a part of the Ministry of Information, was the model for the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1948 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four?
2. In which classic work of English literature do the main characters set out on a journey beginning from the Tabard Inn in Southwark?

Double acrostic authors anagram: 11 questions

If you take the first two letters of each answer, you will have ten groups of two letters. These ten groups of two can be rearranged to form the names of two famous British authors, one primarily a playwright and the other a novelist. The two letter combinations should not be split up when forming the name of the authors.

1. Which author created the detective Jack Frost, as played by David Jason in the series “A Touch of Frost”?
2. By what three initials is the state broadcaster of Ireland commonly known?

Famous paintings: Fill in the blanks (20 questions)

Fill in the blanks in the story below using the titles of famous paintings. Three artists appear twice. There is some pretty poor wordplay in a few cases, and in one case a full stop needs to be inserted into the name of the painting for the narrative to make sense.

I put down the book I was reading. It was by Edgar Allan Poe, who I had always considered one of the finest (1) horror authors of all time. I could never forget the story of “The Raven” even though I read it more than thirty years ago, which I suppose shows (2).