Countries by highest mountain and tallest building: 10 questions

Name the country from its highest mountain and its tallest building

1. Signal du Botrange (694m), Tour du Midi
2. Cheekha Dar (3,611m), Jaff Towers

Japanese geography: 10 questions (日本の地理10問:和訳あり)

Note: This quiz would be reasonably difficult for most Japanese people

1. As of 2018, which Japanese prefecture is the smallest?
2. Before 1994, the answer to q.1 would have been different. What would have been the answer before 1994, and why did the correct answer change?

Christmas Quiz 2018: 100 questions

Welcome to the Christmas quiz! Please have a crack over Christmas with your friends, family and anyone else you can rope in (because it's probably quite difficult if you tackle it on your own). I'll upload the answers on this site in the New Year. Happy quizzing!