Famous Belgians and Finns: 10 questions

1. Which children's characters were created by Finnish artist Tove Jansson, partly based on her experience of summer holidays on the island of Borga, near Helsinki?
2. Which Belgian cyclist, widely considered one of the most successful road racers of all time, was nicknamed "The Cannibal" for his ruthless will to win?

Japan: 10 questions

Note: This quiz was written for a pub quiz conducted in Japan, and may be very difficult for anyone without a particular interest in Japan.

1. In Japanese history, which era comes between the Asuka Era and the Heian Era?
2. Which station, chiefly famous for its nearby love hotel district, lies between Ueno and Nippori on the Yamanote line?

Life on Mars: 10 questions

1. Who had a hit with the song "Life on Mars" in 1971?
2. And who played the main character in the television series of the same name from 2006 to 2007, in which a modern day policeman travels back in time to the 1970s after a car accident?
3. In which decade was the Mars Bar first sold?