Football teams and their cities ditloids: 10 questions

Name the city and the two football teams based there from the initials. For example, WHU, A (L) would be West Ham United, Arsenal (London). Where both teams in the question have the name of the city in their team name, the initial for the city has been removed. So, for example, U, W (S) would be United, Wednesday (Sheffield). No country is represented more than once, and all continents except Australia are represented.

1. RP, BJ (BA)
2. R, C (G)

Snooker players: Fill in the blanks (28 questions)

Fill in the blanks in the story below using the surnames of professional snooker players, past and present. There is some pretty poor wordplay in a few cases.

I had just moved to the capital, and had arranged to see my aunt Joy later that day. I moved from (1) because I didn’t like it at all; in fact, it was probably my least favourite place in all of East Yorkshire.  London was so pricey though, and I had trouble making ends meet. My job is unusual, I (2)s to apiarists, but low paid, and I couldn’t even afford to live out past Mile End. You know rents are high (3) is too expensive. In the end I had to go south of the river and ended up living in (4).

Football acrostic quiz: 10 questions

The first letters of the answers to the first 9 sport questions spell out the name of a famous football player and manager. When the answer is a player, whether the first letter of the surname or first name are to be used in the acrostic is not stated.

1. What football team are known as the eternal rivals of Olympiakos?
2. Who is the only person to have scored a hat-trick in all four divisions of the English football league, the FA Cup, the League Cup and an international match (as of 2018)?

Cricketers: fill in the blanks: 36 questions

Fill in the blanks below with the names of test cricketers (mostly current, but some from previous eras). All 12 current test playing nations are represented.

I stayed in my bed until he could (1) it no longer. I felt woozy since taking a blow to the (2) in the previous day’s game of cricket. Someone had thrown a (3) in my direction, and though I had tried to (4) I wasn’t fast enough, and took a blow to the head.

They think it’s all over: Sports commentary: 10 questions

The title of this round must be one of the most famous pieces of sports commentary ever. Below are 10 more famous pieces of sports commentary: you get half a point for the sport, half a point for the commentator, half a point for the year, and half a point for answering the related question that follows. Each one involves a different commentator and a different sport.

q. ‘This is so so so so sad. And so unnecessary. Oh, Jean Jean Jean. He’s surely not going to climb down in there and try to whack it out. That would be totally ridiculous.’
Who won after Jean failed to?