General Knowledge: 10 questions

1.     Who recorded the song “Where the streets have no name”? 2.     Who discovered the rings of Saturn? 3.     What 1951 John Huston film also starred Katharine Hepburn and was the film for which Humphrey Bogart won his only Oscar? 4.     What sport is associated with Muirfield? 5.     Which major investment bank has been led by … Continue reading General Knowledge: 10 questions

Japanese history: Showa era 昭和時代の歴史

1. Which Finance minister and former Prime Minister was assassinated in his house in Akasaka in the February 26th incident of 1936?

2.The Occupation Period ended in 1952, but when was Okinawa restored to Japanese sovereignty?

Japanese geography: 10 questions (2) (日本の地理10問:和訳あり)

Note: This quiz would be reasonably difficult for most Japanese people

1. What is the largest city by population on the Noto Peninsula?
2. To the nearest hundred, how many kilometres is it from South Korea to Japan at the Korea Strait

London landmarks: 10 questions

1. Which palace in south-east London is unusual in having an art-deco residence attached to a partially restored Tudor palace once used for hunting by Henry VIII?
2. Which house on the Strand was originally built by the first Protector of the infant king Edward VI, and later rebuilt in the 18th century when it went on to house various government departments including the Navy Office, the Inland Revenue and the Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths?

Famous Belgians and Finns: 10 questions

1. Which children's characters were created by Finnish artist Tove Jansson, partly based on her experience of summer holidays on the island of Borga, near Helsinki?
2. Which Belgian cyclist, widely considered one of the most successful road racers of all time, was nicknamed "The Cannibal" for his ruthless will to win?